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Body wraps & scrubs

Caressaa Day Spa

Caressaa – A loving, tender touch of heal

Body wraps & scrubs

Silky Sugar Peel
An ultimate care for dry dehydrated skin, this intense exfoliating brown sugar scrub infused with sweet almond oil and vanilla with natural skin smoothing ingredients for silky-soft skin and a sweet smelling body, sloughs away rough patches of hardened skin. A truly luxurious experience leaving you truly pampered
45 min
Cotton Extract Wrap
Soothes your senses and lifts your spirits, enjoy this intense moments of relaxation with this delicately fragrant body wrap. Cotton extract wrap is a good source of cellulose and Aloe Vera, which has cell renewal properties. The active marine ingredients rich in red algae reduces water loss and moisturizes your body perfectly
60 min
Caressaa Signature Spa Ritual
A sensual and glamorous treatment that helps to detox and improve circulation. Treat your senses with a delightful scrub that helps exfoliate your body and cocooned body-wrap to detoxify and smoothen your skin. Also enjoy a soothing massage that helps to distress those suffering from insomnia and calms the nervous system
120 min