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Caressaa Day Spa

Caressaa – A loving, tender touch of heal


Introducing the newly innovated MOBILIFT M6 from LPG (A Health, Beauty and Wellness Technology from France) for the very first time in India, Enter the era of powerful anti aging a true scientific innovation. 100% natural and 100% effective, LPG’s ultimate skin stimulation technique awakens the natural slimming and anti- aging processes of your body (accelerating fat release and collagen production) without aggression. Results: with lipo massage, in 6 session, your slhouette is reshaped, in 12 session even the most stubborn fat is and with endermolift in 8 weeks wrinkles are reduce by up to 43%. Your face is replumped, your features redefined, your skin redensified

  1. The MOBILIFT M6 technology incorporates a micro-motor for an increased cellular stimulation by 270% and incredible precision, enabling a better natural healing.
  2. The only technique in the world that has scientifically proven to naturally increase Hyaluronic acid synthesis by 80 %.
  3. The natural Elastin of the skin is also increased by 46 %, Radiance increased by 98%.
  4. Smoothed wrinkles by 21%, firmness by 23%,
  5. Prevents the breakdown of collagen and stimulating the synthesis of new quality collagen.
  6. Glow, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, firmness, oval of the face: amazing and unique results thanks to LPG
  7. Discover the latest generation of cell stimulation LPG treatments 100% natural only available at the following centers.